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The Mankato area has been growing and expanding since my youth, yet we have had limited competition in the news market.  After looking at our demographics, I came to the conclusion that we needed more.  More stories that focus on our community, the people, the positive events and Gods gifts of nature and talents.  I think we need another perspective with what is happening in our community.  I will try hard to make each news story about the topic on hand without dragging politics or opinions into each piece.

In today’s fast paced conflicted world I feel there is room for a more positive approach.  There is room to learn about our neighbors and businesses as well as all of the activities and opportunities south central Minnesota has to offer.

The Mankato Times will be a Monday – Friday free paper.   It will cover local stories of interest with national stories pulled in also.  It will have active links for local schools, road construction as well as the exceptional activities that the community has to offer.  The attempt will to make this a one stop shop for most of your news and entertainment.

As for me, my name is Joe Steck.  I am a 50 year old who has lived in the Mankato area for 46 years.  I am a very blessed father of two daughters, an author, a salesman and a proud member of the community.  I am very community oriented having spent countless hours on volunteer boards over the years.  I served in the Air Force for 4 years as an In-flight Refueling Specialist and 6 years in the Army National Guard as a Medical Platoon Officer, an Infantry Officer and an Executive Officer.  I am a graduate of Loyola High school, but had the unique opportunity to attend all three major high schools of the Day.  West for 9th and 10th, Loyola for 11th and 12th with science classes at East.  I graduated from Minnesota State Mankato (Mankato State back in the day).  I have been in sales since I graduated in 1987.

I am not a journalist.  I am a storyteller. I won’t be looking to have breaking news, but will cover current events.  I hope to give an entertaining and interesting perspective to what is happening in the Mankato area.  My goal is to cover the 40 mile radius around Mankato.

I have been asked why I am doing this.  The answer is simple.  I have been limited in what I can do because of an invisible disease (actually two) called Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.  They make life very difficult and to date, are not curable, but they are manageable to an extent.  Basically, this is something I can do (with the communities help) and be an asset to society.

I look forward to serving the community, sharing stories, news events and opening new doors for those who don’t know about us.


Armin J. Steck Jr.  a.k.a.  Joe Steck


Contact Information


phone 507-317-5044

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