How to Make Sauerkraut (in a Crock) – Carrot Cumin Coriander Kraut with Ariyele Ressler

How to Make Sauerkraut (in a Crock) – Carrot Cumin Coriander Kraut with Ariyele Ressler

By Ariyele Ressler – In The Kitchen Keepin’ It Real

The benefits of eating fresh sauerkraut cannot be overstated. It is cheap to make both in terms of money and labor. All that’s required is time and a watchful eye. The fresher your cabbage when you start, the better your chances of succeeding with the first try. My first batch of homemade kraut was left for days (without my attention) and turned out fabulous.

The combinations of flavors are up to your imagination. Spice it up by adding some fresh ginger. Turn it bright red with beets. Choose whatever veggies you want! As long as you follow the basic steps outlined in this video, you can make your own fermented veggies.

Fermented foods are helpful to digestion, which when functioning smoothly, is the basis for a healthy immune system.  Eating a small amount of probiotic food with each meal used to be par for the course, and is still seen in some cultures (with Kimchi in korea, for instance). In our antibiotic/processed food-ridden culture, the addition of naturally fermented foods is desperately needed.

Carrot-Cumin-Coriander-Kraut is my tasty version of sauerkraut that I have on hand at all times. I try to remember to eat a few teaspoons with every meal. It’s a nice refreshing thing to add as a bookend to any meal, especially rich soups or dense salads.

A quick word on the crock: it costs $9.99 from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and makes at least 4 16oz (416g) jars of kraut for you. I’ve heard that you can use a large Mason Jar if you don’t have a crock, but I prefer to do mine the “traditional” way.

To learn more about Ariyele and for the complete recipe, click here

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