Meet Jay Flugum, the man behind the voice
Jay Flugum

Meet Jay Flugum, the man behind the voice

Meet Jay Flugum, the man behind the voice

By Joe Steck – Mankato Times

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Flugum.  You may know Jay as the voice of “Jay in the morning” on KXLP, or from voiceovers for Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin.  You may also know Jay from the “The Jay Flugum Fallout.”   I would like you to meet the person behind the personalities.

Jay and I sat down for lunch at Uncle Albert’s in Eagle Lake and had an enjoyable conversation (yes, we both had pie).

Jay discovered his love of music at the age of three, beating on the couch with his drumsticks, pretending to be a “big time” drummer.  By the age of 16, Jay had his first drum solo and came to the conclusion that he wanted to be in the music industry.

“I always designed my bedroom like a studio.  I would set my radio a certain way, and then my stereo, speakers and drums.” He said “I pretended that I was working in a studio and was making my own music.”

After graduating from Lake Mills, Iowa high school in1988, Jay set out to make his name in the world.

“I graduated from broadcasting school in 1990 and my first gig was in Emmetsburg, Iowa.” Said Jay “Like all disc jockey’s, I was fired.”

From Iowa, Jay landed a job in Worthington (fired) and then ended up in Albert Lea from 1995 – 1997.

“In 1997 an opportunity to work in Mankato popped up, so I took the job.”  Jay said.  “Not long after working in Mankato, I developed the itch to play music again, and after talking with my boss, he told me to go for it.  He was a very supportive boss.”

Back in the early days, Jay played with the Delivery Boys, a variety cover rock band that played in the Midwest.

“We played in Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.” Jay said “It was a lot of fun, but I was starting to drink more than I should have.”

Between playing in a band and being a DJ with KXLP, Jay thought he was living the dream, but would find out that there is more to life then work and music.

Jay soon met his wife Samantha in a rather unique way.

“We use to go to church together between the ages of 12 to 14, but we never spoke to each other.” He said “Then in 1998, through the luck of a classified add for a baby sitter, Samantha and I finally met and had a conversation.“

Samantha called about a babysitting classified advertisement and the person on the other end of the phone was Jay’s sister.  Samantha asked about Jay, and his sister said that Jay was single and living in Mankato.  One thing led to another, and in 1999, Jay and Samantha were married.

“Samantha is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Jay said with a smile.

Jay said during the early years he was drinking a little too much and was not being the best of anything.

In 2005 Jay stopped drinking and devoted himself to his family and to find real focus in his life.

“Once I started to concentrate on what is important in life, everything became clear.” Said Jay “It was like someone flipped a switch and the light turned on in my life.”

Jay & Fletch

Jay & Fletch

In 2005, Jay decided to play live music again.

“I decided to save some cash and build my own studio to record.  To build and live my childhood dream.” He said “Four years later the studio was complete and I called my old base player Fletch Archerd and said that we should get together.”

Jay started to write some songs, thinking he would produce a three or four track CD.

“Being sober seemed to help my music flow.  One song led to another and soon, I had 10 pieces that I loved.”  Jay said “All of the songs ended up on my CD “The Death of Pavlov’s Dog.” with the help of so many people.”

“Music is what I can’t say.” He said “What I am afraid to say.”

Jay and his wife Samantha have three children Desiree, Drew and Noelle.

“I am very blessed.  My wife has stood by me through thick and thin.” He said “It says a lot about her character.”

The Jay Flugum Fallout band has been rehearsing and will soon be doing concerts.

Jay, it was a pleasure meeting the man behind the voice.  Thank you for sharing your story with the community.  Your music tells a story that touched my heart and I am happy that you are living your childhood dream.

Jay’s Website

The Jay Flugum Fallout Facebook page


Jay’s music can be purchased locally at Tune Town


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