Meet Jeff Meier; Mankato Times New Contributor

Mankato Times

The Mankato Times is proud to present Jeff Meier.  Jeff, a Minnesota State Mankato student will be working with the paper for at least one semester.  Jeff will be using his education and past writing experiences to help educate and entertain the audience.

Jeff will be able to cover important events that I can not attend with a strong focus on entertainment and student activities. 

I look forward to working with Jeff and am excited to share his insights with the community.

Without further ado, here is Jeff.

Hello! I’m Jeff Meier and I will be an intern at the Mankato Times for the coming months. My focus will be on the fine arts-music, theatre, etc.-and other student activities happening at the MSU campus and around Mankato.

Expression and creativity are my passion. Ask any of my friends or past colleagues; I always love to discuss entertainment. I believe discussing the fine arts helps the community. Few things make a community connect more than a shared enthusiasm for entertainment and art. Plus, these students at MSU believe heavily in their work. Reading about that drive can start a chain reaction of potential and good tidings.

I grew up in Burnsville, Minnesota with a very loving family. I still see my parents a lot and they don’t have to force me to hang out with them. I enjoy the company. Plus, they know what they are talking about.

I went to Apple Valley High School for 2 years. I was very happy with a close knit group of friends but school did nott surprise me. There was no challenge. I wanted something more pressing. So, I went to the School of Environmental Studies for my last 2 years and had a blast. The school took a different approach to learning that involved more discussion and application in the real world. It was intense. But, it offered a freeing feeling; I faced something difficult and succeeded.

Since then, I have been studying at Minnesota State Mankato to become a writer,  majoring in Mass Media. I have worked in retail and marketing at my father’s company. These jobs directly channeled my love for connecting with people. I published articles for the company and have been told I have a good work ethic in retail. I would not recommend reading those articles though since they are completely jargon filled. Here, at the Mankato Times, I will instead write to inform and better the community through discussion of entertainment at MSU.

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