Carrie Gagne Joins the Mankato Times Writing StaffCarrie Gagne, Mankato Times, Intern, writer, Minnesota State Mankato, Masters of Fine Arts, Hamline University, writer, journalist, Verne Gagne,

Mankato Times

The Mankato Times is proud to introduce you to Carrie Gagne, a second-year graduate student in the Masters of Fine Arts Creative Writing program at Minnesota State Mankato. 

Carrie is the niece of former AWA champion Verne Gagne, she holds no heavyweight titles, but keeps the family legacy alive with a mean right-hook and a natural suspicion of Hulk Hogan. She came to Mankato from St. Paul, where she did her undergraduate degree in English at Hamline University.

While relatively new to  journalism, her creative writing has appeared in various online magazines, The St. Paul Almanac, and a scrapbook her mother dutifully keeps in her living room at home. She is excited to be interning for a semester at the Mankato Times.

Carrie will be writing about anything and everything happening in the area.  I look forward to reading many great articles from Carrie.


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