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Hello fellow readers! My name is Wesley Otto! I am pleased to share with the community that I will be a member of the Mankato Times staff. My family and I have been born and raised here in the city of Mankato. I graduated from Loyola Catholic high school and currently attend Minnesota State University. At Minnesota State, I am studying the field of Business with an emphasis on Finance.

All my life, I have felt compelled to be in business.  My mother’s family has strong business roots in Mankato due to their law firm, Simmonds and Wright, Exclusively Personal Injury Firm. My father’s family also has an entrepreneurial spirit due to my grandfather’s past business in Windom Minnesota. Otto Brother’s Plumbing was started by my grandfather who didn’t even have a high school education, and was successful in supporting his parents and siblings when he was only a teenager.  My mother and father first met while working at Zanz Mexican Restaurant. A few years later, they decided to buy the restaurant, and the rest is history as my family has owned the business for more than 26 years.

Growing up in a family whose entire livelihood is dependent on the success of the family business really taught me a lot. I like to think that I understood the value of the dollar at a much younger age than most of my generation. As I have grown into a young adult, I have been given the responsibility to manage the night time portion of the restaurant’s operations. In my time as manager, I have developed many relationships with our regular customers that I’ve gained an experience based education on what drives businesses towards success

Now I get to start my own success story. I am very excited about Mankato Time’s online newspaper. This newspaper is perfectly positioned in a marketplace with limited competition to make a positive impact in the community. Mankato Time’s is not a one man shop, it is a community effort. We as a paper look forward to interacting with business owners, organizations, and regular everyday citizens of the community and to provide content that matters to them. We offer not only standard advertisement style marketing, but also content and brand marketing. If you have any interest in contributing to the content of the site feel free to contact the editor, Joe Steck. Questions related to advertising or public relation campaigns please contact the Vice President of Sales, Wesley Otto.

Wesley Otto

VP of Sales – Mankato Times

Mobile (507)-995-2604

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