Calling All Artists: Mankato Marathon Seeks Artists for 2014 Commemorative Print 

Mankato Times 

Barbara Bjelland 2010  print

Barbara Bjelland 2010 print

The Mankato Marathon is offering $500 as a commission for the completion of the commemorative poster design for the fifth annual Mankato Marathon on October 19. The Marathon Merchandise Committee is looking specifically for a visual concept that represents the fifth anniversary of the Mankato Marathon. 

To be considered for the commission the artist must first submit an application which can be obtained online at or at Visit Mankato’s office. The deadline is July 1, 2014. 

Liz Madsen 2011Print.

Liz Madsen 2011Print.

This is a wonderful opportunity for an artist to contribute to a significant piece of the marathon. The commemorative poster is an integral piece of any marathon’s merchandising because runners enjoy collecting the prints at each of their races.  Much like the bibs or running chips, the poster is often kept as a reminder of the runner’s accomplishment. 

As an advocate for the local arts, the Mankato Marathon strongly encourages local artists to participate although the contest is opened up to all interested artists. Previous years’ prints were all designed by local artists and therefore have been very unique year to year. 

Chris Sell 2012 Print

Chris Sell 2012 Print

Ginny Bergerson designed the 2013 Marathon Print.  Bergerson was inspired by the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon which made her realize how fragile our freedom to run is.  Because of this, Bergerson chose to incorporate Lady Liberty, one of our Mankato symbols, holding the American flag. Lady Liberty sits atop the Blue Earth County Courthouse and can be seen as runners finish our beautiful course.  Bergerson is a mixed media extraordinaire and incorporated ribbon from the 2012 finisher medallions into her design. 

Chris Sell designed the 2012 Marathon Print.  Sell focused on what the Mankato Marathon course is known for: the diverse landscape

Ginny Bergerson 2013 Print.

Ginny Bergerson 2013 Print.

with amazing fall scenery including the beautiful golden hillsides. His inspiration was also drawn from the area’s rivers, local runners and fallen leaves. 

Liz Madsen designed the 2011 Marathon Print. Madsen is freelance graphic artist from Rapidan, Minnesota. The method Madsen used in creating the 2011 print was an eco-friendly image transfer process. Her print design was chosen because of the elaborate story her print told of the Mankato Marathon and how it could relate in a variety of ways to the runners. 

Barbara Bjelland designed the 2010 Marathon print. She is a local graphic designer for print and web. Bjelland’s artwork includes figurative work, architectural paintings, landscapes, commissions and illustration. Her concept was chosen for the 2010 print because of its reflection on both the significance of the event and the location.  

About The 2014 Mankato Marathon: 

On October 18-19 2014 Visit Mankato and Final Stretch will host the fifth annual Mankato Marathon. This accredited race is a qualifying event for the prestigious Boston Marathon and is projected to have a fifth year attendance of 5,000 runners. The event will continually grow to have significant economic impact in the community and already has incredible local sponsorship, with Mayo Clinic Health System leading a long list of area businesses. There are many ways to get involved as a business, runner, volunteer or spectator. For more information on the 2014 Mankato Marathon go to or call 507.385.6660.

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