White’s Corner Bait Shop Fishing Report  – Sunfish are Spawning

By Ryan White  

Mankato Times  

The White kids taking after their father and fishing at an early age.

The White kids taking after their father and fishing at an early age.

This last week the water temperatures on the local lakes have dropped down into the 60’s after last weeks highs of 76.  When you drop a foot below the surface, the water is still cold.  There is about a 1 ½ to 2 week window with fish in the shallows before they move into deeper waters (12’ to 16’).  Right now you can fish less than 12 feet and catch just about any species of fish. 

The weed lines are coming up nice.  Weeds provide a lot of good oxygen so a lot of the predatory fish will tuck into the weeds and wait for the minnows and some of the smaller spawned fish to feed on.  Live bait is still working. 

The Crappies have finished spawning and the Sunfish are in the middle of their spawn.  The Panfish have been hitting on wax worms and Panfish leeches.  The most popular lakes to get Sunfish have been Washington, Madison and Big Jefferson. 

Bass are getting active and have mainly been hitting on night crawlers and some plastics.  A lot of the minnows are starting to spawn, so in turn, a lot of the bigger predator fish like Bass and Walleye are following into the shallows. 

This is a great time to take your children and grandchildren out fishing because of the activity with Sunfish.  Duck, Big Jefferson and Madison will be great places to take the kids for Sunfish, Crappie and Bass.

Duck Lake: This is a great place to bring your children and grandchildren because they will catch a lot of fish.  The Sunfish and Crappies are biting on wax worms.  There is some size issues with the Crappies coming in small, but don’t let that hinder you from having a great day of fishing. 

Madison: Most guys are targeting shallow areas along grassy island, and cows bar for a good walleye bite using leeches and crawlers. The walleyes have been in a variety of depths chasing minnows, but stay shallower than usual. The pan fish bite has been good on multiple areas on the lake. The most talked about areas have been by buck masters bridge and in town bay. Wax worms, Panfish leeches and smaller minnows have been best.  

Ballantyne Lake:  The Lake is 350 acres and is 58 feet deep and holds some nice Northern Pike.  There are reports of good Bass fishing along submerged weed edges and near emergent vegetation.   Reports are also coming in with good Northern Pike activity on the lake. 

For a complete fishing report, stop into White’s Corner Bait Shop  to pick up your bait and fishing tackle and learn where the fish are biting and what type of bait to use. 

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