White’s Corner Bait Shop Fishing Report – Time to get Back on the Lakes 

By Ryan White 

  • Bass, Northern and Sun Fish are hitting on most area lakes. 
  • No Wake Rule lifted on area lakes – call Sheriff if unsure
  • Think Safety
Many people used local piers to catch fish.  This is still a good option if you do not have a boat.

Many people used local piers to catch fish. This is still a good option if you do not have a boat.

Let’s face it, this has been one of those strange summers for fishing in Minnesota.  With the heavy rains, high waters and colder than normal water temperatures, fishing has been a little challenging.  That should soon change as we are out of the rainy month of June and are getting into the dog days of summer. 

With the no wake rule lifted, we are starting to see people get their boats out on the lakes.  We are starting to see campers make their way to the camp grounds and the cabin goers, which have been itching to get back on their lakes, are now getting their boats back in the water. 

Before you put your boat on a lake, make sure to check with your local sheriff to be sure the No Wake rule has been lifted.  We all want to get out on the lakes.  We don’t want to ruin the shorelines nor have people get hurt by boating in dangerous waters.  Remember your life preservers!  Safety first, fish second. 

If you took your boat to other lakes during the time of the local No Wake rules, make sure you check your boat for milfoil and other invasive species before dropping them in our lakes. 

On to the fish! 

The water temperatures are a little lower than normal.  

People have mostly been fishing from the shorelines the past few weeks.  We have been getting spotty reports from people fishing, with more reports coming in on where the fish are biting every day. 

Shoreline fishing has been good with people looking for reed beds and structure.  Many have been using the local piers and docks and for the most part to catch their fish with Sun Fish, Bass and Northern biting on grub worms, leeches and minnows.  

Have fun and good luck fishing.  

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