White’s Corner Bait Shop Fishing Report – Panfish and shoreline fishing

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By Joe Steck – Mankato Times

MADISON LAKE, MINN. — With the fishing season well on its way, we have finally started to get some good, consistent fishing reports from the area anglers. The weather forecast looks to be perfect for the next week with ideal temperatures this weekend.  As a reminder, Bass season officially opened so you can add that to the list of species you can take home for a great family meal.

Many people think that you need to fish in a boat to catch fish – which is not the case on our local lakes.  There are numerous great public docks, land and fishing piers where a person can get out and enjoy the great outdoors and catch some nice fish.

“Boats are very expensive to own and operate and most people can’t afford one,” said Ryan White of White’s Corner Bait Shop  “People can catch some great fish using our piers and fishing the shorelines.”

We have received a lot of much needed rain this spring, which White says is a good thing.

“The rain has been helpful in raising the water levels in our lakes and rivers,” he said “Higher waters make it easier to catch fish when fishing for the shore.  The higher water covers the reed lines, which generally are going to house the fish.”

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Francis Lake: There have been reports of a lot of pan fish being caught on Francis in Le Sueur County.  Sunfish and crappies have been hitting on wax worms and minnows.  People are also catching an occasional northern pike.  Try fishing on Carpenters point on the western edge of the lake.

Ballantyne Lake: Pan fish have been hitting hard throughout the lake. Crappies are spawning so look to catch them in the shallows using wax worms and minnows.  There have also been good reports of people catching bass using spinners and minnows.

Lake Washington: Lake Washington has been good for Walleye, Bass, Crappie and Sunfish.  The Walleyes are reported to be biting on Bakers Bay and on the Second Point.

The heaviest Walleye action comes from dragging spinner rigs.  The Walleye and Crappie are hitting on minnows and leeches.

Blue Earth and Le Sueur Rivers:  We usually do not talk about our area rivers in the fishing report but we would be a disservice to our local anglers by not mentioning them.

There have been a lot of great reports on walleye being caught on all three rivers.  Minnows are the bait of choice.  Try fishing at Sibley park, the point at Land of Memories park and the boat landing at Riverfront park in Mankato.


A few tips on using spinnerbait for bass:

On bright days in clear water, run your spinnerbait fast.  The bass will not have a long time to inspect the bait, so ripping the spinner quickly will get you reaction strikes.  It you are fishing on an overcast day or the water is turbid, slowdown your retrieve.

Run your spinnerbait into cover like docks, vegetation or logs.  The erratic motion will trigger more strikes.  When fishing in the open water, be sure to let the spinnerbait fall to the bottom and rip it up with a few fast cranks. Then stop reeling and let it fall back to the bottom. Repeat this for the entire retrieve. “Ripping a spinnerbait often brings reflex strikes from heavier fish that might have been watching the lure on the bottom.

Stop into White’s Corner Bait Shop, 500 Walnut Ave, Madison Lake and talk with Ryan about a complete fishing report.  He can help you out with all of your bait and tackle needs

Mention you saw this article and get a 250 count wax worms for $9.99 at White’s Corner Bait Shop through Sunday, May 31st, 2015.

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