Loyola Robotics Team Heading To State Tournament 

Mankato Times 

MANKATO, MINN. — In its first year, the Loyola robotics program will send a team to the state competition in St. Cloud on February 3 and 4. Team members are Rielle Gosch, David Ohene-Frimpong, Tyler Cromwell and Nick Goebel. 

The robotics program at Loyola began in October, 2016 when advisor Janelle Campeau purchased three robot kits from VEX robotics, partially paid for by a grant received by Loyola. The teams started building in November in Campeau’s Introduction to Engineering class.  Next year, she plans to have students build robots in the engineering class, but also have one of the robots be part of an after school club, making the experience available to everyone who is interested. 

“This is a great program to not only introduce engineering design and programming, but to build team work and communication skills with peers, not just their classmates, but with those from different schools.  There is also a lot of critical thinking, problem solving, and respectful discussion skills that are required,” Campeau said.   

 The team will be honored at a pep fest on Wednesday, February 1, 8:20am in Loyola’s Upper Campus gym, 145 Good Counsel Drive. All are invited to attend. 



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