Terrace View to Hold Fall Festival Sept. 8 – Oct. 29

By Joe Steck – Mankato Times

MANKATO, MINN. — While attending the Highway 22 meeting Thursday night, I ran across Brittany Linder, co-owner of Terrace View Golf Club, who was hosting the open house.

Linder spoke about some of the improvements to the course including new equipment, updates and green care.

“The course has been full this year and the demographics has changed where there are more women now playing the course,” Linder said “We are now full enough that you should call for a tee time to make sure you can get on the course.”

The par 3 course is also being played a lot more then in the past.

“I was talking with a family that has a house on the course and they told me they like that there are more people playing so they can watch them golf from their back yard.” she said

Linder then said that they will be doing something totally new and non-golf related at Terrace View.

“We are going to be holding a Fall Festival starting in September on the driving range.” 


They had to work out some details with local government before the announcement was made.

“We had to work with Blue Earth County, City of Mankato and MnDOT to make sure the event was ok,” Linder said “MnDOT approved the plan and there will be cones for a turn lane.”

People coming to the event from the North will be taking a left hand turn, so coordination with MnDOT was a factor.

The festival is in the late planning stages and there is a website listing activities to include; a straw bale maze, corn pit, pumpkin patch, jungle gym, inflatables, games, activities along with food and drinks. 

People will also be able to pick up pumpkins, gourds and squash by Hay by George, on your way out!  

The festival will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from September 8 – October 29, 2017 and the cost is $9 for ages 3 and up (2 and under free).

To learn more about the event you can visit their website http://www.terraceviewfallfestival.com/

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