Post 518 September Veteran of the Month – Marine Corporal Phillip H. Hodapp

Mankato Times

NORTH MANKATO, MINN. — The North Mankato American Legion Post 518 will hold their monthly Veteran of the Month Ceremony on Saturday September 2, 2017 at the west end of Wheeler Park in North Mankato, Minnesota at 10:00 am. The public is invited to this brief but moving ceremony.

During the ceremony the Legion guard will retire the colors for Army Sp4 Bradley Besel and then honor Marine Corporal Phillip H. Hodapp, by raising colors in his honor for the month as our new Veteran of the Month honoree. He was the father of Phillip Hodapp who lives in Cleveland, Minnesota.

Phillip H. Hodapp was born on January 3, 1897 to Frank and Anna Hillesheim Hodapp in Mankato, Minnesota. He attended Madelia Mater Dolorosa School and St. John’s University. He made his living as a clothier at Hodapp Clothing Store in Madelia, Minnesota. Phillip married Lillian Quinn on August 8, 1923. He was a devoted family man with 5 sons and 2 daughters. He was kind and generous and a former pastor said “no one ever knew how much he gave to those in need”. 

 Phillip H. Hodapp began service to his country on February 22, 1918 by joining the United States Marine Corp. He received basic training at Paris Island, South Carolina. Phillip served in 20th Company, 5th Marines overseas in France and Germany. Phillip saw action around August 7, 1918 at Pont-a-Moussant, France. His unit encountered artillery barrages, many machine gun nests, snipers and air attacks during their advance on the enemy, while going “Over the Top”. Corporal Hodapp survived artillery rounds that landed within a few feet and 3 bullets that went through his cartridge belt. Heavy action was encountered right up to when the armistice was signed, encountering strongly entrenched Germans when his unit crossed the Meuse river. He was part of the “Army of Occupation” for 5 months after the armistice. Corporal Hodapp was honorably discharged on July 1, 1919 at Quantico, Virginia.  Corporal Hodapp was awarded the: Silver Star Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Campaign Medal with 4 Battle Bars affixed – Soisons, St. Mihial Blank-Monte Ridge, Meuse Argonne.    

Corporal Phillip H. Hodapp passed away on October 2, 1971 in Madelia, Minnesota. He is survived by Sons: Edward Phillip, Phillip Henry Jr., Don Joseph and Stephen Quin Hodapp. Children now deceased are: Daughters; Phyllis Ann and Frances Mary, Son: James Paul Hodapp. 

Corporal Phillip H. Hodapp is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Madelia, Minnesota.

At 10 am on the first Saturday of every month, members of the North Mankato American Legion Post 518 gather to pay a month long tribute to a deceased Veteran. The brief, but moving ceremony takes place at the west end of Wheeler Park in North Mankato, MN.

At the request of the family, a veteran’s coffin flag is raised & flown for one month. A short tribute of the veteran is read and then placed in a display stand in front of the flagpole.

At the next month’s ceremony, the flag is lowered, folded and presented back to the family. The new honoree’s coffin flag will then be received from the new family, unfolded and raised for the next month.

Families of deceased, honorably discharged veterans or POW/MIA’s who desire these honors should call Mark Conrad (507-380-8405) or Post 518 (507-625-1264)

The Veteran does not need to have been a member of any service club or to have lived in our area – Only the requirements listed above.

(NOTE: The coffin flag is removed after the ceremony and replaced by an all-weather flag, to ensure that no damage is done to the coffin flag. The coffin flag is raised prior to the next ceremony. If the family does not want to use the coffin flag, we will have a flag available to present for the ceremony.)

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