New Exhibit at Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota opens on Friday, November 17

Mankato Times 

MANKATO, MINN. — The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota invites you to attend the grand opening of a new exhibit, Eldon Marks’ Workshop, on Friday, November 17, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at 224 Lamm Street, Mankato, MN.   

Come explore Eldon Marks’ Workshop, a new, expanded hands-on tool learning area in the Museum! This exhibit will offer opportunities for children to gain a sense of power and competence as they use real tools and materials, working on projects to take home. Becoming more skillful at using tools helps children solve problems, become flexible in their thinking, and boosts their confidence about their abilities. 

In Eldon Marks’ Workshop, children will have an opportunity to learn about tools and the physical properties of materials.  They will drill holes and sand away rough edges while they work on hand-eye coordination, strength, and fine motor skills. Children can smell and feel the wood as they measure, cut, and drill, and learn about safety, which is integrated in this new experience. This exhibit is designed for children 4 and beyond. 

The Workshop honors Eldon Marks and his spirit of tinkering and making things better and more efficient on a family farm, and is sponsored by the Bill Marks family. Eldon was a farmer on land near Amboy and an inventor whose designs are still being used today in agriculture.   A community-based and very handy team of volunteers assisted the Museum in the concept development, design, observation and data collection processes, and tool-building. The Committee members include John Hoines, Gary Watson, Jon Morgan, Alan Mehltretter, Loren Johns, Tom Riley, Neal Benson, Mark Broman, and the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota’s Exhibits team. 

About the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota: The non-profit Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota’s mission is to ignite the natural curiosity of every child through the power of play in a dynamic, awe-inspiring environment. The Museum engages diverse audiences from across our region and enriches children and families with opportunities for hands-on play. Learn more at 





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