Blue Earth County 4-H Hold Annual Achievement Celebration In Pemberton

The Mohwinkel Family received a Warm Fuzzy Award

Mankato Times

PEMBERTON, MINN. — The 2017 Blue Earth County 4-H Annual Achievement Celebration was held on Sunday, December 3rd, at the Main Street Plaza in Pemberton. The event was hosted by the Lyra Merryworkers 4-H Club and the Blue Earth County 4-H Federation.  Over 100 4-H members, volunteers, and guests were in attendance. Appetizers were served, followed by the program and photo slideshow.

Award winners are listed below, and we’d like to sincerely congratulate each of these award winners and thank you all for your commitment and dedication to the Blue Earth County 4-H Program. 


Alumni Award:  Cinda Wallace

Leader Guidance Award: Sharlie Hansen

Friend of Youth Award:  Cheryl Lewis

Friend of 4-H Award:  Ceresco Township Board

Outstanding 4-H’er Award:  Alaina Corgard

Outstanding 4-H Family of the Year: Ulrich Family

Warm Fuzzy Awards:  Robin Tietz, Mohwinkel Family

Top Demonstrator: Julia Langworthy 

State Dog Show Excellence Winner Kyle Haroldson

Champion Beef Herdsmanship:  Clever Clovers

Champion Dairy Herdsmanship: Amboy Area Adventurers

Champion Goat Herdsmanship:  Lyra Merryworkers

Champion Horse Herdsmanship:  Amboy & Ceresco

Champion Llama Herdsmanship: Ceresco Top Notchers

Champion Poultry Herdsmanship: Amboy Area Adventurers

Champion Rabbit Herdsmanship:  Boomerangs

Champion Sheep Herdsmanship:  New Horizons

Champion Swine Herdsmanship: Lyra Merryworkers

Reserve Grand Champion Herdsmanship Club:  New Horizons

Grand Champion Herdsmanship Club:  Boomerangs

State Horse Show Excellence:  Lexi Hansen, Matthew Bormann

State Dog Show Excellence:  Amelia Tauer, Kyle Haroldson

State Shoot Excellence Award:  Jackson Gibbs, Ethan Matzke, Justin Matzke, Trevor McGregor, Gabriel Strand, Ginny Strand

State Fair Excellence Award winners

State Fair Excellence Award:  Annabelle Birr, Alaina Corgard, Adam Dickey, Taylor Doering, Emma Fischer, Lexi Hansen, Bethany Hiniker, Olivia Johnson, Julia Langworthy, Amelia Lawver, Megan Lawver, Aidan Oldenburg, Braelynn Randall, Trevor Rose, Cody Schwarz, Emma Severns, Patrick Thofson, Ashley Ulrich, Brianna Ulrich

Outstanding Beef 4-H’er – Trevor Rose

Outstanding Dairy 4-H’er – Matthew Thofson

Outstanding Dog 4-H’er – Layne Haroldson

Outstanding Goat 4-H’er – Reid Hansen & Emma Severns

Outstanding Horse 4-H’er – Lexi Hansen

Outstanding Llama 4-H’er – Patrick Thofson

Outstanding Rabbit 4-H’er – Alaina Corgard

Outstanding Poultry 4-H’er ­–  Keegan Plantz

Outstanding Sheep 4-H’er – Cody Schwarz & Anna Doering

Outstanding Swine 4-H’er – Emma Severns

Five Year Leader Award:  Caitlin Griffin, Julie Hiniker, Dion Quiram, Michelle Starkey, Jeff Strand, Kent Thiesse, Liz Thiesse

Ten Year Leader Award Winners

Ten Year Leader Award:  Carl Corgard, Laura Corgard, Dawn Slocum, Amy Thofson

Fifteen Year Leader Award:  Chris Hawkins, Cheryl Lewis

Twenty Year Leader Award: Jodi Roelofs

Five Year Member Award: John Anderson, Kendall Anderson, Annabelle Birr, Wyatt Birr, Bethany Hiniker, Jay Hiniker, Johnathan Hiniker, Broderick Krosch, Amelia Lawver, Gabriel Lawver, Megan Lawver, Jocelyn Melvin, Joseph Schroeder, Cody Schwarz

Ten Year Member Award:  Joshua Beiswanger, Taylor Doering, Emma Fischer, Lexi Hansen, Reid Hansen, April Klecker, Sander Ludeman, Brian Merritt, Matthew Thofson

Graduation Award:  Connor Oldenburg, Joshua Clobes, Kayla Jobe, Kristina Schroeder, Mac Slocum, Patrick Thofson, Tanner Lewis, Trevor Lemmon

Camp Counselor Award:  Therese Klages, Reid Hansen, Sara Gartner

Presidential Award Winners Oliver Mohwinkel and Emma Severns

Presidential Award: Oliver Mohwinkel, Emma Severns

Grade 9-12+ Record Awards:  Emma Severns

Grade 6-8 Record Awards:  Alanna Slocum

Grade 3-5 Record Awards:  Joseph Schroeder

Honor Club (Secretary’s Book): Amboy Area Adventurers, Ceresco Top Notchers, Clever Clovers, Junior Olympics, New Horizons, Riverbend 4-H’ers

Award of Excellence (Treasurer’s Book): Amboy Area Adventurers, Boomerangs, Ceresco Top Notchers, Clever Clovers, Junior Olympics, Lyra Merryworkers, New Horizons, Riverbend



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