Munson Gains Support for MN House District 23B Special Election  

Gubernatorial candidate Matt Dean out door knocking for Jeremy Munson with other faithful volunteers in Vernon Center and Good Thunder this past weekend.

Mankato Times

LAKE CRYSTAL, MINN. — Jeremy Munson [R-Lake Crystal] received endorsements from the leading gubernatorial candidates, Matt Dean, Keith Downey and Jeff Johnson.  

Gubernatorial candidate and former State Party Chairman Keith Downey has cast his unwavering support for Munson’s campaign for house, “Minnesota needs strong conservative leaders to reign in state government. That is why I support Jeremy Munson.  As a candidate, Jeremy is running on issues that will put the power back in your hands.”  

State Representative and Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Dean drove to the district Sunday to help Munson and his volunteers go door to door in Vernon Center and Good Thunder, speaking with voters about Munson’s campaign.  Dean said, “Munson is working hard to earn support for the special election.  He is not afraid to fight government-run healthcare which has killed access to affordable care for rural Minnesota.  Most of all I’m supporting Jeremy because he is a good man, and will work very hard to represent you in St. Paul.”  

The district’s special election has gained statewide attention. Many legislators, who are excited to have Munson’s leadership at the Capitol, have committed to helping him spread his message.  As the Republican-endorsed candidate, Munson has the full support of the local and State Parties.  

Munson’s platform focuses on lowering healthcare costs, advocating for farmers and small businesses, strengthening rural schools, encouraging jobs, and reining in big government and taxes.  On healthcare, Munson has more skin in the game then other candidates.  Like many farmers and small business owners in the district, Munson’s family was uninsured in 2017 after they were out-priced by MNSure’s skyrocketing insurance costs for private insurance.  He is committed to working with lawmakers to ensure price transparency and increased competition is allowed to drive down healthcare prices.  

Registered voters in 18 precincts (about 1/3 of the district) will receive their ballots for the special election starting January 15th.  The rest of the voters can vote early, absentee, by agent, or in person on Monday February 12th.  Contact your county elections office on how and when to vote.




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