Munson earns voters support

Letter to the Editor

By Paul FitzSimmons, Good Thunder

Mankato Times

I am writing in support of Jeremy Munson for State House seat 23B. I have heard all of the back and forth that has taken place both on social media and in conversations with members of the district and in many cases they all miss the point of this election. To me it is very simple. We as Republicans have two candidates, of which both are good citizens and great leaders, and either one would represent the district well. With that said I have chosen to support Jeremy Munson for the House seat 23B and here are few reasons for that decision.

Jeremy has been very active in GOP Local, State, US House District 1, and National politics, while helping with campaigns from our local races on up to National races. He has proven to me to be able to take conservative positions and articulate those positions without pause. And for his hard work on these causes and his willingness to serve at every level he has my support.

Jeremy has delivered on every promise he has made and I hold him at his word when he is asked to speak for conservatives. He will represent the people of 23B and carry our wishes at the state level.

Jeremy has a very impressive background not only in agriculture but in a multiple of businesses that I find very rare and would be very helpful as our representative. This wide background will help to serve all of us with the knowledge he has gained in many areas that affect our district.

Last, I have found Jeremy to be a great person, husband and father. These are three things I respect about people who are going to hold office.

As a Republican I am always proud to vote for the candidates we select to run for office. I have chosen to support Jeremy Munson because I have watched him at work as he worked to help others win elections across our district and knowing he would serve all of us with great courage and conviction.

Please vote for Jeremy in the upcoming special Primary election, at your polling place on January 29th, or earlier with your mail in ballot.




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