We need a local candidate to represent the First District in Washington

Letter to the Editor

By Maggie McDonough, Owatonna

The Congressional District 1 Democratic candidate forum was on January 24th in Rochester. I find it interesting that Dan Feehan represents himself as a local who was a teacher. Mr. Feehan has not lived in Minnesota for a very long time, and his family still does not live here.

Mr. Feehan says he was a teacher when in reality he worked at Teach America. Teach America employees do not have teaching degrees, are not licensed to teach and are not qualified to teach. It is an organization designed to bust the teachers union, a funny place for a Democratic congressional candidate to work. 

Mr. Feehan is mainly supported by money from outside Minnesota. He is working for outside interests and not local interests. When we have so many well qualified candidates who really are local, why would we support a carpetbagger who will not represent our interests? 

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