Jack Links donates $15,000 to Mankato Area Public Schools

Left to right: Brian Hansen, Judi Brandon, Jeff Dahline, Ann Hendricks, Stephen Rustad, Abdi Sabrie, Jack Links representatives: Kelly Sonnek and Patricia Lopez, Darren Wacker and Steve Johanson. Photo provided.

Mankato Times

MANKATO, MINN. — The Mankato Area Public School Board accepted a $15,000 check from Jack Links employees. The generous donation will be used to support activities that promote student leadership.

Jack Links has donated a total of $55,000 to Mankato Area Public Schools over the past four years.

Jack Link’s is passionate about giving back to communities in which they operate. Each year, Jack Link’s holds a charity golf tournament to raise money to support local schools. Vendors, supporters and employees all participate. To date, Jack Link’s has raised over one million dollars for schools.




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