A call for paper ballots

Letter to the Editor

Mankato Times

With the corruption intervention occurring in our elections, whether by foreign entities or others within our borders, I believe it is time to consider using paper ballots.

The means of electronic voting is not a full-proof way to count ballots. The machines can be tampered with to rig the election. With many machines coming from manufacturers owned and run by George Soros make one wanting to go to paper ballots.

Counting paper ballots have a down side because they take a lot of time to count. We must be willing to wait for results rather than have them on the same day we vote. I think most people would want an honest election rather than speed in reporting of election results. At the county level with several individuals involved in the certainty of the count of votes, I believe, help ensure a more fair and accurate election.

Leroy Vetsch, Mankato MN




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